It would be wonderful to have you share some of your time with us.  The following are all important time and in-kind needs here at the warehouse:

  1. Fundraising
  2. Mentor a Workforce Trainee (Interview with Lou)
  3. Wood and trim sorting and management
  4. Ceramic tile management and price marking
  5. Plumbing: expertise for faucets & fixtures
  6. Hardware: sort & bag door knob parts, hinges & other small hardware items
  7. Signage & pricing
  8. Housekeeping of Admin & staff support areas
  9. Entrance garden & green area by parking lot
  10. Architectural & construction expertise to lead CEU classes
  11. Marketing support
  12. Membership renewal calls
  13. Warehouse re-shelving
  14. Workshop set-up & space management

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