If you are interested in becoming a workforce trainee, please call the warehouse at 847-864-9246 and make an appointment to learn more. 

About Our Workforce Training Program

The ERW is designated as a HUD Community Based Development Organization (CDBO), which allows the us to administer the HUD Community Development Block Grants.   The ERW has now conducted three workforce training classes: one in deconstruction and two classes in warehousing. It is currently conducting an intensive 7-month long workforce training program in Deconstruction. This will prepare individuals to get living wage jobs in deconstruction as the construction industry has to comply with the Cook County Debris Diversion Ordinance and the many communities who now have stringent recycling/reuse ordinances.

Projects like the training above further the Evanston ReBuilding Warehouse’s mission by creating demand for skilled jobs in the deconstruction arena. The demolition of a typical 2000 square foot residence can require two workers for two days to complete the work. By contrast, the sustainable deconstruction of this same residence can require a crew of five to six workers, for up to two weeks. While costing more initially, deconstructing a home ultimately results in more jobs, the salvaging of building materials that are reusable, the creation of less waste in our landfills, and a healthier environment. And the tax deductible donation value of the materials allows the homeowner to recuperate some or all of the added costs of deconstruction, incentivizing them to choose deconstruction over demolition.

Beyond stimulating deconstruction jobs, the Evanston ReBuilding Warehouse also trains individuals in warehouse practices, retail and how to create value added products. This creates additional pathways towards family supporting living wage jobs for those individuals. Giving low income community members, ex-offenders and at-risk youth the opportunity to learn new skills and find employment in a field with growth potential, benefits both the person being trained and the community as a whole.

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