Steam Heat Primer

Saturday, November 18


At the Evanston ReBuilding Warehouse

For decades, misinformed heating contractors and engineers have been telling building owners that the old steam heating systems are inherently inefficient, noisy and uncomfortable. Join Dave Bunnell (aka The Steam Whisperer) to learn why this is simply untrue; in fact many people have restored and upgraded their steam systems to green them. Restoring these systems can save huge sums of money, save resources, and prevent unhealthy living conditions.

As a general rule, steam heating systems use about 20% less fuel and 98% less electricity than other systems, like forced air heating systems, while providing superior comfort…..if they have been properly tuned up. Some examples of these systems are in The Empire State Building, which recently achieved LEED Gold certification with its steam heat system and The White House, whose original system from the civil war era is still in use.

In this class you will learn:

  • How steam heating can achieve the efficiencies and comfort levels mentioned above
  • What a properly functioning steam system should act (and sound) like
  • What the most common problems are in steam heating
  • How to correct those problems
  • Little known technologies that can give you benefits in every room
  • Temperature control in both homes and multi-unit buildings (no more thermostat wars)
  • Emerging technologies that can further increase steam heat benefits